Dr.L.Bullayya Jr. College

The Motto :

The motto or watchword of the National Service Scheme is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’

The Vision :

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was launched on the birth centenary year of Gandhiji in 1969 in 37 Universities with 40,000 NSS volunteers as an educational project outside the classrooms. The basic aim of NSS is overall personality development of the student volunteers through community service, by establishing a link between the campus and the community, between knowledge and action, between the head and hand and introduce the spirit of dignity of labour in the higher education system, making student youth self reliant, self confident and thus making self respected citizens.

The Mission : NSS programme has achieved its goals in three important areas namely :
  • Has made education socially relevant and community oriented.
  • It has built many community assets like construction of roads,planting of innumerable trees, health and literacy camps etc.
  • It has provided ample opportunities for the students, teachers, non-student youth in promoting general awareness and human resources development.

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, all the 15 Universities are covered under the programmes with an involvement of 3,25,600 volunteers. In Andhra University area at present there are 65,000 volunteers belonging to various educational institutionsn the Andhra at Intermediate, Degree, and professional colleges participating in the programme covering 5 districts.

The NSS of Andhra University has rendered a commendable service in AIDS awareness, Blood Donation, Pulse-Polio, Immunization, Plantation, Disaster Management, Formation of Roads, Literacy development, Leadership Training, Communication skills and Personality& Career development programmes through regular and special camping programmes.

NSS Unit Regular Activities :
  • Our volunteers have participated in various rallies for creating awareness on different social and health problems
  • Our unit is actively involved in weed pruning & cleaning on the college campus
  • The volunteers of our unit have taken active part in the collection & donation of Flood Relief Fund
  • Many volunteers played active role in the distribution of fruits to the poor children at Prema Samajam & Papa Home. They have participated in the distribution of books and examination kits to the street children of Y.M.C.A.
  • A number of volunteers have participated in Pulse Polio Camps
Camps Conducted :
  • So far our unit has conducted 4 special camps since 2006.
Youth Festival :
  • The N S S – zonal level Youth Festival was conducted on the college campus in which 16 NSS Units of various colleges have participated in literary and cultural events.